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Bunkers and Water Hazards
It is not an overstatement to say that playing bunkers is the most feared part of the game, especially for high handicappers. However, a little knowledge and targeted practice may improve your confidence considerably. Actually, a few alterations to your address position often suffice to play any bunker shot successfully.
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Here are some tips to help you get out of bunkers successfully.
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How to get out of bunkers ?
This lesson is entitled, "How to Get out of Bunkers", and everyone knows how frustrating they can be if you don't know the proper mechanics to get out of them. But the bottom line is, for the pros, bunker shots are some of the easiest shots on the course. read more:

How to Get out of a Bunker with a Buried Lie
This lesson is entitled, "How to Get out of a Bunker with a Buried Lie", and could really help you out in a situation where a buried lie could potentially add a few unneeded strokes to your round. read more:

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How to get out of a bunker
How to get out of a bunker with a buried lie ?
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