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The rules of golf are internationally standardised and are jointly governed by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA). By agreement with the R&A, USGA jurisdiction on the enforcement and interpretation of the rules is limited to the United States and Mexico.

Can I Get A Ruling ?
The rules continue to evolve; amended versions of the rule book are usually published and made effective in a four-year cycle.

The underlying principle of the rules is fairness. As declared on the back cover of the official rule book:

"play the ball as it lies",
"play the course as you find it", and
"if you can't do either, do what is fair".

Some rules state that

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Golf rules: a deeper understanding of the game is fundamental to keep progressing. For beginning players, a perfect knowledge of the golf rules will give you a boost of self-confidence and compensate your lack of practice on the golf course.

Safety rules of the golf course: probably the first and most important piece of text you should read (and remember) about golf, whether you are a beginning or seasoned golfer.
Can I Get a Ruling ?
Can I Get a Ruling ?
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Golf Rules

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