We have arranged our golf tips in five categories along the five keywords of golf: technique, strategy, psychology, dynamics and flexibility.

- tips on how to improve your golf game, i.e. how to improve your game technically;
- tips on how to become a better scorer at golf, i.e. how to get the most out of your current game by using the right strategy;
- mental approach to better golf: how to get the most out of your current game by improving your mental game; the psychology of golf is probably one of the most overlooked parts in this game
- physics of the golf shot: a better understanding of the dynamics behind the golf shot and the concepts of loft and backspin will help you to more accurately hit the ball.
- golf practice
and weight training: tips to train your flexibility, balance, strength and endurance and tricks to maintain your form during the golf's off-season.
Most high and medium handicappers might not instantly see the difference between the two and think that the best way to improve your score is, well, to just learn to play better, i.e. to improve your game. While this is of course not incorrect, it is also true that at any given level of proficieny it is still possible to extract a bit more out of your golf game by improving your vision, your strategy or your mental game. How you can do that is described on the following pages:

Become a better scorer

How to improve your score
Five Score Killers
Course Management
Lower your score by playing position golf

Improve your game

Each of the three disciplines, the power game (driving and irons), the approach shots or short game and putting need to be considered separately. Success in golf is largely dependent on your mastering of each skill 'to the best of your ability'.

novice players
high handicappers
mid handicappers
low handicappers

To allow you to select immediately the tips you need to reinforce a particular area, we have grouped our tips around the following points:

on the tee (swing),
around the green (pitching, chipping),
on the green (putting),
in a hazard (bunker play).

Don't stop practising during the golf off-season. Here are some simple indoor golf drills you can do when the climate does not allow to exercise or play outdoors:

Five easy tricks to make sure you don't lose your form during the golf's off-season
Simple indoor golf drills

The following tips will help you to take your Golf practice to the golf course after a long winter or a long time spent on the driving range and off the course.

Also remember to read our
Five most common mistakes in playing golf

Mental approach to better Golf

Mental game of golf
Strategies for self-confidence in golf
A Good Thinking Head makes a Better Golfer

Physics of the Golf Shot

Physics of the golf shot
Golf grips
Loft, trajectory and spin
Choosing the right equipment
Choosing the right golf clubs
for your game
Choosing the right golf shaft flex
Choosing the right golf balls

Golf Fitness and Weight training

Golf fitness
Weight training

Practising golf troube shots
Yoga for golfers
Tips for avoiding back pain while golfing


Learn how to put and keep Strokes in your Bag

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