One of the first thing a golf professional will look at when they are teaching a new student is their golf grip. Often higher handicappers who blame their swing for problems of accuracy and consistency when in fact their main area of concern is an improper golf grip.

There are basically three types of golf grips:

The Vardon (aka overlapping golf grip):
The Vardon grip is the most popular grip. Contrary to popular belief it was not introduced by Harry Vardon, but was known and used before he popularized it.

The interlocking golf grip:
This grip is essentially the same as the Vardon grip, but the little finger of the right hand (for right-handed players) is interlocked with the index finger of the left hand.

The baseball grip (aka 10 finger golf grip):
This grip suggests to hold the club without overlap or interlock of the hands. It has traditionally been disapproved of by teaching professionals since it can limit control and consistency. However, the baseball grip is gaining popularity again, especially with natural golfers, women golfers and junior golfers.

Some golf professionals and teachers recommend to change grip for your putting game and if possible, adopt a different kind of grip for each stage of the game (power, short and putting). See: Golf putting grips >>

The style of grip you choose is really a matter of personal preference. Novice players should hit a few balls with each grip and pay close attention to the "feel" they get on each shot. However, once you have made your choice we recommend you stay with the same grip. Golf is a game of consistency, so the less you change your game parameters, the better. For the same reason you will have to periodically check your golf grip to make sure your fingers have not slipped out of position or increased/released tension. Any, even slight, change in you golf grip can lead to a variety of issues with the consistency and accuracy of your golf shots.
Golf Grips
(The different styles of golf grips)
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