Today's golf shoes are not only comfortable and waterproof, but are lightweight and more and more often fitted with cleats instead of metal spikes, or completely cleat- (spike-)less without giving up on the stability and control.
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2. Health Tips for Buying Golf Shoes
By Branka Ilech

As someone who really likes to write about health, I was challenged recently when a friend asked me how I would pick a pair of golf shoes that were most beneficial to my health.

I hadn't thought much about it but a little research shows that it is an issue worth investigating.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 43 million Americans per year suffer from foot-related health issues, costing $3.5 billion in treatment and lost workdays.

The average golfer will spend 4 - 6 hours on the golf course each time he or she plays, walking on typically hilly terrain. Adequate foot comfort during this time is a must as there is a lot of potential here for feet, ankles and back to become strained due to ill-fitting shoes, particularly in older players.

Ultimately, safe and protective footwear will reflect on your game too. Experts have stated that the game of golf begins from the feet. According to Jack Nicklaus: "All timing, distance, and direction comes out of the lower body with the feet leading the way".

Choosing golf shoes has become harder over time. 15 years ago we were restricted mainly to "traditional" models (brogues or similar). Nowadays there are all sorts of variations, from boots to sandals.

How do you know which golf shoe will be right for you, and also best for you feet, your back as well as your swing?

Here are some tips for getting the healthiest golf shoes for you:

Take your time when trying potential new golf shoes on. Allow yourself time to walk around in the pro store. Don't be embarrassed to spend 5 minutes or more feeling the fit of a pair of shoes.

Some people advise that you come to shop following a 20 minute walk when your feet are fully expanded. Certainly, it is better to shop in the afternoon, than in the morning, for this reason.

When trying shoes, wear the same thickness of sock that you would on a golf course.  Failure to do this could result in shoes that tighter or looser than normal, which could cause blisters or sore feet.

Try on both shoes, wearing golf socks. Lace fully and walk about to assess comfort.

If you've had ankle problems you might want to try one of the new high-top models that give more ankle support. However, bear in mind that you need to be able to swing out and around your shoes, at the ankle. So you need to ensure that such shoes won't impede your movement.

Do you have one foot markedly larger than the other? You could investigate a range of shoes by High-Tec created to address this. With these models, you can adapt the fit of each shoe to suit the shape of each foot.

Do you wear orthoses in your regular shoes?  Then remember to transfer them to your golf shoes if your podiatrist has recommended this.

Finally, if a round of golf leaves you with painful feet, first assess the fit of your shoes. Consider changing to more supportive, stable footwear. If the pain persists and does so for more than 3 consecutive rounds, consider visiting a podiatric sports physician.

The right golf shoe should let you stay comfortable through your round and help you concentrate on your game. If you can go through several rounds without noticing your feet, the shoes are doing their job.

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