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Equipment Info
General Tips:

Choosing the Right Golf Equipment

The Basic Set of Equipment for the Novice Golfer
Golf Clubs
Basics of golf clubs

Loft, trajectory and spin

Shaft flex and shaft torque

Types of Golf Clubs
5 Best Uses for Hybrid Utility Clubs

Golf Club Care and Maintenance (cleaning club heads, shafts and grips)

How to choose the Best golf clubs for your Game

How to choose the Right Shaft Flex for your Golf Clubs

Choosing the right Lob wedge

Your Putter Fitted Perfectly in 5 Easy Steps

Information about Custom fit golf clubs

Regulations regarding Golf Clubs

Construction of Golf Clubs

Bestselling drivers, putters, irons, hybrid clubs, woods, wedges, left-handed clubs

More about Golf Clubs
Golf Balls

Tips to choose the right golf balls for your game

Golf ball characteristics

Our favorite Golf Balls

Understanding the compression rate of a golf ball

Which Golf Ball suits your Game ?

The Official Rules regarding Golf Balls

Trick and Novelty Golf balls

Golf Accessories

Golf Tees

Health Tips For Buying Golf Shoes

Golf Accessories
Recommended books
How to select golf clubs
How To Select Golf Clubs: Choosing the Right Golf Irons
by Quick Easy Guides
More information:
The Search for the Perfect Golf Club
by Tom W. Wishon, Tom Grundner
An extremely well-written book on golf equipment technology for the everyday golfer.
More information:
The Search for the Perfect Golf Club