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New! Crospete Currency Collection Golf Balls - 6 pack
Like real money it may a bit hard to track once it leaves your pocket. But it looks great in a golf ball display case.
Available currency balls: U.S. Dollar, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Korean Won, British Pound, and Euro.
World Golf Balls
Sport Golf Balls
Variety 1
Sport Golf Balls
Variety 2
Glow In The Dark Golf Ball

- Comes with 1.5" lightstick
- Play golf 24 hours a day!
Air Force Golf Balls
Happy Anniversary Golf Balls
Happy Anniversary Golf Balls
Trick Golf Balls
Hole In One The Wobbler
The Wobbler looks and feels like a regular golf ball...but when you never...never goes straight! The Wobbler lends itself to endless joke situations. Try it. Bet your golfing partner that he can't sink that pressure putt...switch his ball for the Wobbler, and watch the look of amazement on his face when the ball refuses to go straight!
2. Golf Balls fitted for Night Golf
Twilight Golf Ball

- 3 layers -- .08 inches cover thickness
- 80 compression
- 1.53 oz. -- 5.28135 circumference
- 3-volt lithium batter -- Approximately 40 hours of battery life
- 7.2 flashes per second -- 5 minute flashing duration between hits
3. Trick Golf Balls
Golf balls designed to play golf at dusk or at night, so you don't have to interrupt your game solely because it's getting dark. Very usefull for people who find it hard to fit their golfing time into their busy schedule or who want to avoid the crowds and heat!
Great for a Nigh Golf event, whether a  putting tournament or to play a number of holes on a golf course at moonlight (taking out of play water and other hazards !).
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