Golf balls

1. Tips to Choose the Right Golf Balls for your Game

golf-balls-2bA good knowledge of a golf ball’s characteristics, such as compression, spin and distance can prove helpful in enhancing your strengths and masking your weaknesses on the golf course.

Golf balls are probably the most overlooked piece of equipment, both by novice players and high to medium handicappers.

It is not unusual to see golfers spend several hundreds of dollars on a driver (though they often can’t hit it at its performance level), while searching to save anything possible on golf balls. However, the physics of a golf shot is about materials absorbing energy and elastically returning it, involving both the club AND the golf ball. See also: Golf ball faqs >>

Before making your own best choice, remember that:

1. Distance doesn’t have to be hard.
2. Performance doesn’t have to be expensive.
3. Tour golf balls are not the top choice for every player.
4. Accomplished players should select their golf balls in function of the type of weather and golfing conditions.

1. 2-piece balls maximize distance and minimize spin. They are good for novice players.

2. with 3-piece performance balls you sacrifice a little distance off the tee but gain more control around the green.

3. 2-piece performance balls offer great length off the tee together with nearly the same characteristics of control of 3-piece performance balls.

4. 4-piece balls are recommended for low handicappers with faster swings and a perfect control of backspin. See: Golf ball facts >>

Whatever your choice, stick to it for a while to get used to it and develop some consistency in your play. However, if your game is fairly accurate, shooting in the 90s, it might make more sense to use different balls in function of the course and weather conditions. In that case, choose a performance ball for courses with very wide fairways and difficult greens. A low-spin two-piece ball is more suited to courses that feature narrow fairways and large, easy to approach greens.

Note that due to technological advances, the gap between 2- and 3-piece balls continues to narrow. See also: Golf ball facts >>

For more information about multilayered golf balls, low-spin balls, low compression balls, performance balls, distance balls and the difference between 2-piece, 3-piece and 4-piece balls, see: Golf ball facts and faqs >>


2. Our all-time favorite golf balls

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls (15-Pack)

The ideal ball for a smooth, slow and controlled swing.
The 344 dimple pattern and highly resilient Rabalon HR+ and Pana-Tetra blended ionomer cover provide greater energy transfer for more velocity, providing more distance and better feel for players with a lower clubhead speed at impact, and low spin launch conditions for all golfers.
More information:

Nike Mojo (Double Dozen)

There have been many versions of the original Mojo golf ball (disco, Mojo II, etc.)

With its 2 piece construction and low compression core, Mojo golf balls offer:

– Maximum distance for golfers with average swing speeds
– Softened Ionomer cover delivers a crisp look with a soft touch
– Aero-efficient dimples pack a wallop of lift and turbulence
– Minimal compression, maximum action
– Flies off the driver, sticks to the wedge
With a name meaning “magic power” this can only be a winner !
More information:

Srixon Men’s Q-Star Golf Balls

Best golf ball on the market for intermediate players (15+ handicappers), offering perfect combination of distance off the tee with less slice/hook. For lower handicappers, see the Z-star.
Srixon Men’s Q-Star Golf Balls
324 Advanced dimple pattern, all ability ball, offering distance of the tee and spin control around the green.
More info>>


Best golf ball on the market for intermediate players (15+ handicappers), offering perfect combination of distance off the tee with less slice/hook. For lower handicappers, see the Z-star below.




Srixon Z-star golf balls

Srixon Z-star
325 Aerodynamic Dimple Design produces a penetrating ball flight
More info>>


One of the only optic yellow golf balls at premium level (equivalent of the Titleist Pro V1, which only exists in white, though). This ultimate multi-layered golf ball offers superb feel and distance control thanks to its super soft, ultra thin Urethane cover.




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