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by: George Gabriel
About the author:

George Gabriel
Started the game of golf as a caddie. You can find tee times at
Iíve played with a lot of golfers who truly take the game of golf seriously and a lot of golfers who donít. Itís okay to have fun out there, keeping in mind respect for other players who do take it serious.

The tee box

Think of the tee box as a stage with a spotlight. Everybody gets his or her turn to shine. Try to remain quiet and out of the golferís view, including your shadow that may hinder the golferís concentration at address. The best position to stand when a player is addressing the golf ball would be to the other side, opposite of his golferís arm extension. You should be standing far enough back to see the club head and golf ball of the player addressing the ball. By taking this position, you would definitely be giving the player room to concentrate, unless he can see your shadow or hear the chatter of your clubs or talk. When you must stand behind or front of a golfer addressing his or her shot, take a second to ask if itís okay and or are you far enough away. Act like a caddie when another player is playing a shot. Watch the golf ball finish rolling and mark the spot with a tree or bush. A lot of golfers do not like to watch their ball land, if itís a bad shot. By doing this for your fellow golfer, it will help speed up play. Try to refrain from yelling nice shot or great shot, when youíre around another tee box or green. When you must tell a joke, wait until itís youíre stage.

The green

Around the green can be a little more complex for the new golfer. Fix as many golf marks as you can, besides your own. A lot of golfers do not fix their ball marks on approaches to the green. Sometimes players get excited about their golf shot and forget. Ask other playerís to help, if there is more than a couple and your not holding up other players behind you.

There are typically four or three golf balls lying on the green. The key goal here is not to walk on anotherís players line to the golf hole. When you find another player is further back from the hole, you should mark your ball. When approaching your golf ball, you have to be careful as to where you walk. Another playerís line to the hole should not have a big footprint to go over. Try stepping over the playerís line to the hole, or go around carefully watching for other playerís golf positions to the hole. When youíre not sure, because of a marked ball. Ask your competitor where his ball is marked. When another golfer is about to putt, stay still until he or she takes their putting stroke, unless they give you the okay to walk. When you must walk to where you want to go. Do not stop, walk, stop, and walk again. It could be more distracting than a continuous walk.

The golfer closer to the hole should tend the pin. Ask your competitor if they need the stick tended. When tending the pin, be careful not to cast a shadow over the playerís line. Also keep the flag from waving in the wind by holding it against the flagstick. Position yourself with both feet together away from the hole. Bend the flagstick slightly if you have to keep your feet out of another playerís line. When the shot is taken, pull the pin so your competitor does not get penalized for hitting the flagstick. When itís someone elseís turn, ask if he or she needs the pin tended. When you think you may need it tended, ask someone to hold it for you.

The game of golf originated out of fun. There are those that take it quite seriously. Follow most of these tips, and it could be quite enjoyable, and you may not have a problem finding a foursome to tee it up with.
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