Golf Accessories
In the earliest days of the game, golfers played on the local links courses in their everyday clothes, casually carrying their clubs. As the interest in the game spread, so did the quest for special clothing and accessories especially designed to make the round of golf more comfortable and enjoyable.
Today golf fashion clothing counts many designer labels and includes a variety of colors and textures.


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One of the first golfing fashions, the red color of ceremonial attire for the captains of several of the world's oldest clubs, was originally worn by the players for a practical reason, namely to warn fellow users of the commonly held links-land, not involved in the game, that golfers were about.
Ancillary equipment has been added to the players inventory with everything from electric trolleys to solid gold ballmarkers.  The modern golf bag is no longer solely used to carry the clubs on the shoulder, but is often pulled on a trolley or driven on an electric cart and has become a store for all manner of equipment.
Among the vital items golfers carry are ballmarkers, a pitch-mark repairer, a (digital) scorecard, a ball cleaner, a towel, an umbrella, and tees.
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