Golfers have been trying hard to lower their scores by taking lessons, reading books and watching golf video lessons. This is definitely good and helps your game. What about playing position golf?

Golfing for position has been a serious method of golf for a lot of professional golfers. Every amateur should really consider playing position golf as one of the most important strategies for a good round of golf. You should consider rethinking your strategy before you take out your driver on every hole, and any other golf club.

Taking out your driver just because it is a natural thing to do on the longer holes can put you in a not so good position on your next shot. Playing position golf requires a series of questions to be answered, before you elect to choose a golf club on the tee box or fairway.

If you're a right hand golfer who fades the driver all the time, and your teeing off on a dogleg to the right, you may want to rethink your choice of clubs, especially if it may put you in a blind position for your next golf shot into the green. When you're playing those longer golf holes and you hit a straighter golf ball off the tee with a 3 wood, would it not be a better choice of clubs if you're consistently fading or slicing your driver off the tee box? Of course it may be a little more golf club into the green on the next shot, by at least its not as hard as trying to control another faded golf shot into the green that you cannot see when your positioned alongside a pile of trees.
Another key factor on playing position golf would be the length of the golf hole. Let's assume you're going to play a par four and it's 425 yards and your driver goes 240 yards on average. Taking everything into consideration, including wind and position on the tee box to the center of the green, and you're left with 185 yards to the green. Now 185 yards into the green may be your favorite 4 iron, or it could also be the club you're having trouble with the most. Dropping down to a 2 wood or a 3 wood off the tee box, may put you in a more favorable club selection position out on the fairway.

Another important part on playing for position on the golf course is choosing the club at hand for your landing area. Do I want an uphill lie on the next shot, or downhill lie? If I miss the green do I want to play my next shot from the back of this green or the front of the green? When I hit this green, do I want a downhill putt or an uphill putt? Of course being positive on hitting your attended landing area is the way to think, but leaving room for human error and an escape route can save you strokes.

By playing position golf, you get to utilize most of the golf clubs in the golf bag, and also help in getting familiar with each and every club. It only requires a little more thought before choosing a golf club that will help you knock strokes off of your scorecard. We always like to out drive our competitor, but out smarting our competitor is what counts in the end when you're tallying up the strokes after eighteen.
by: George Gabriel
Lower Your Score By Playing Position Golf
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