Five Key Steps to Improve your Chipping
1. Don't be too squared:
Similarly to the pitch shot, to perform an efficient chipping shot you have to position your feet left to the target, see picture below:
Tip: the only exception is for long chipping shots, for which you want to be squared !
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2. Always keep the hands before the ball:
3. Position the ball a bit backward:

You have to position the ball nearer to your left foot. It is the exact contrary of the pitching positioning. See the sketch below:
THE fundamental step in order to ensure a correct impact is that the grip of the golf club (i.e. your hands) stays in front of the clubface (i.e. the ball) as you strike the shot, never behind. It is very easy to check if you are doing this shot right: just check your left wrist at the finish, if it is bent you did it wrong !!!                                        

Tip: while in the pitch the legs are dead, in the chip it are the hands which should be dead (while the legs may slightly move in an accompanying movement).
Tip: Narrow your stance compared to a pitching shot or to a normal swing

4. Read it, Roll it, Hole it..:

Very much like putting, chipping requires a reading of the shot as - in a good chip - the ball flyes for 20% of the time and rolls for the remaining 80% (while in pitching, the ball should fly for 80% and roll only for 20%). Hence, reading the green (and the before-green) is a paramount. And remember the ball should land on the green without backspin and just roll - smoothly - towards the hole.

Tip: What is the most common mistake in chipping? Raising your head (or your shoulder) at impact. This will make you loose the "level" of the shot with the consequence that the bottom of the club will hit the ball earlier than the loft causing a "fat" shot!!!

5. Accelerate through the shot:

To provide the right roll, your chipping shot does not require a long backswing but rather a light - though evident - acceleration when hitting the ball.

Tip: After the impact, keep your eyes still focus on that point (don't look immediately to the shot trajectory as this will undermine the proper chipping movement).

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