Ashiya Country Club
Name in Japanese: 芦屋カンツリー倶楽部   
Ashiya-shi - Hyogo (JAPAN)
Tel. 0797-31-0501
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View from hole nr 1
Geografical Situation:

A private club in the affluent Kobe suburb of Ashiya, situated in the mountainous area of the Hyogo prefecture, not far from Kobe and Osaka.
The view throughout is beautiful, as the course is surrounded by mountains and valleys.
Course Details:

The first 9 holes of the course have very long fairways (par 37) where both distance and accuracy make the difference. Several obstacles (bunkers, trees, roughs) on the way to the greens make it difficult to play:
Course Facilities:

the course is open throughout the year. It is closed on Mondays (except on designated holidays).  Membership is required, unless you are lucky enough to get an invitation from the country club. The club house has an excellent restaurant and offers very nice views over the course.


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Ashiya Golf Club House
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