By John J. Baker

Are you a golfer who is interested in tracking your handicap? Tracking your handicap has a number of benefits. Some track so they have documentation for entering golf tournaments. Others do it simply to track their performance and find ways to improve their golf game. Either way, tracking your handicap can be made much easier and give you more motivation by doing so using online programs or computer software.

Due to the increase in popularity of the sport, there are several online and software options to choose from. They will not only help you determine your numerical handicap but some will even track your scores so you can get your official handicap that can be used for tournament competition. The extent of software features usually depends on the amount you're willing to pay. The more expensive golf programs give you detailed information on your game in spreadsheet format. The simpler programs and online resources will simply provide you with your numerical handicap.

No matter which program you go with, you'll still have to take your record keeping seriously. The handicap number and stats will only benefit you if your record keeping is accurate. Buying a golf program or using online software may be the motivation you need to better track your records.

If you're a casual golfer then constantly knowing your numerical golf handicap may not be that important to your game. However, the tracking of your stats could motivate you to find your handicaps and work on your game. While you may think that just making some better shots shows your improvement, having the numbers to back it up give you some self assurance.

If you'll be using the numerical handicap to enter tournaments then check with the organizers to make sue you use software or online programs that are approved by them. You can also check online for approved tracking software and how to correctly track your handicap for entrance.

Online aids and computer golf programs vary in price but there is surely something to fit your budget. The simpler programs start at just about 10 dollars and programs with more features cost as much as upwards of 100 dollars.

After you've tracked your handicap, there is golf training software that will help you improve your game. So whether you want to know your handicap for tournament entrance or just to improve your game, check out online programs and computer software to assist you.

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Using Software to Track Your Golf Handicap
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