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How many times have you non-golfers out there wondered what the big deal is with this game called golf?  The majority of people who haven't had the chance to play a round of golf can't always understand why golfers are so committed to their sport.  Not only is golf considered fairly expensive, but it can also eat up a lot of precious free time.  That being said, try to keep an open mind and consider these three great reasons that you should at least consider trying this addictive sport.  You'll be glad you did.

The Great Outdoors

  In our busy lives we often don't have the time to return to nature.  Not only is golf played entirely outside, but it usually involved a nice walk as well.  What better way is there to enjoy the outdoors?  Now some may argue that being on a golf course is no more a nature experience than a walk down any city street.  It may not be the wilds of the Grand Canyon National Park but when you have limited time, it is a nice middle ground.

Golf is Great Exercise

  Most people forget that walking an entire golf course is great exercise and not only that, it doesn't feel like exercise because you are thinking about your game instead of how boring a 4 hour walk is.  How many times have you been known to take a four hour walk?  It's likely not many.

Golf is a Great Place to Network

  There's no place on earth like the golf course for doing business.  Chances are more business is done on the golf course than a lot of other places.  When you think about it, a round of golf provides you with 4 to 5 hours of undivided attention with your colleague or potential business partner, not including the nineteenth hole where you can celebrate your business deal.  The golf course is not only a fun place, but in many people's minds, the best place on the planet to do business.

These three, simple ideas should at least force you to consider trying golf at least once.  Enjoy the outdoors, get some much needed exercise, and close a business deal all in one day?  Where else can you do that?


Three Great Reasons to Take Up Golf
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