The World Ice Golf Championoship

by Catherine Marien
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The World Ice Golf Championship has been held on Greenland's first golf course, on a small island called Uummannaq, since 1999.
Golfers with a handicap of up to 36 are admitted to the tournament, which consists of a 36 hole-stroke competition played over two days.
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The first day the ice-golfers get the opportunity to acclimatize to the freezing weather conditions and get used to the layout of the course by competing in a 'Ryder Cup' style tournament, called The Niemann Cup, as a tribute to Mr. Arne Niemann, the founder of the Championship. For many of them it is also an opportunity to get introduced to golfing on ice.
Ice-golfers play with a red golf ball and greens are called "whites". Movements are a bit restricted by the thermal clothing and snow blindness may become a serious problem during the round. Clubs with graphite shafts are not usually recommended because they may shatter in the cold.
World Ice Golf Championship
 in Uummannaq, Greenland
Copyright: Photographer Matthew Harris & Greenland Tourism
Annika Östberg, Denmark
World Ice Golf Champion 2000-2001
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The nine-hole course is laid out afresh on the fjord ice every year, a week prior to the actual championship in March . Its shape is largely determined by the icebergs in the fjord.
World Ice Golf Championships, Uummannaq, Greenland
Copyright Drambuie World Golf Ice Championship

Photos courtesy of the World Ice Golf Championship and Greenland Tourism -

The surface itself is very rough and variable, due to the layer of approx. 1-2 cm frozen "powder" that lies over the hard ice surface. As the course is shaped by movements in the pack ice and weather conditions, records cannot be beaten hole-by-hole, day-by-day or even event-by-event. 
World Ice Golf Championship, Uummannaq, Greenland
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