Pitch & Putt is similar to golf but organized as an independent sport, played and developed in Ireland since the 1940s and now also popular in Catalonia, Andorra, France, Italy, Germany and Denmark.
Pitch and Putt
Pitch & Putt 'Handicap 1', Hole 10
Llavaneras, Catalonia, Spain
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The spirit and essence of the game is the same as in conventional golf, but as Pitch and Putt is played on reduced courses power and distance do not play as an important part, making tactics, strategy and accuracy the core principles of the game. As power is not fundamental in this game, women and men can compete on the same foot, making this a truly universal and fair game.

Traditionally the maximum length of hole was 70 metres with a total lenght of maximum 1,000 metres. As Pitch and Putt developed in other territories, the distances and number of clubs were, in some cases, somewhat different.
From January 1st, 2008, the sport of Pitch and Putt will be played internationally under the new FIPPA (Federation of International Pitch & Putt Associations) Rule Book, but each territory retains the right to legislate as far as local competitions are concerned. The Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland has a comprehensive set of Pitch and Putt specific rules.

The maximum length of hole for international competitions is defined up to 90 metres (100 yd) with a total length of maximum 1,200 metres (1,300 yards) for a 18 hole course. The players may only use two irons and a putter and the use of a tee on the teeing ground is obligatory. Pitch & Putt also has its own handicap system, but applies the Rules of the Royal & Ancient St. Andrew's with the exceptions that are specifically approved in each country.

World Championships
Pitch & Putt 'Handicap 1'
Llavaneras, Catalonia, Spain
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The 1st World Cup of Pitch and Putt was held in Italy, at the Chia course on the island of Sardinia and won by the team from Catalonia. The second World Cup (held in Teia, Catalonia, Spain) was again won by a Catalonian team, while the third World Cup (held at the Papendal course near Arnhem, The Netherlands) was won by the Irish team.
Pitch & Putt 'Handicap 1', Hole 17
Llavaneras, Catalonia, Spain
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